Optimization for Onshore Wind Farm Cable: Connection Layout using ACO-AIA algorithm


  • Mohamed Tifroute Laboratory of Engineering Systems and Information Technologies, ENSA, UIZ, PO Box 1136, Agadir, Morocco
  • Hassane Bouzahir Laboratory of Engineering Systems and Information Technologies, ENSA, UIZ, PO Box 1136, Agadir, Morocco




The wind farm layout optimization problem is similar to the classical mathematical problem of finding the Steiner Minimal Tree Problem (SMTP) of a weighted undirected graph. Due to the cable current-carrying capacity limitation, the cable sectional area should be carefully selected to meet the system operational requirement and this constraint should be considered during the SMTP formulation process. Hence, traditional SMTP algorithm cannot ensure a minimal cable investment layout. In this paper, a hybrid algorithm based on modified Ants Colony Optimization (ACO) and Artificial Immune Algorithm (AIA) for solving SMTP is introduced. Since the Steiner Tree Problem is NP-hard, we design an algorithm to construct high quality Steiner trees in a short time which is suitable for real time multicast routing in networks. After the breadth - first traversal of the minimal graph obtained by ACO, the terminal points are divided into different convex hull sets, and the full Steiner tree is structured from the convex hull sets partition. The Steiner points can then be vaccinated by AIA to get an optimal graph. The average optimization effect of AIA is shorter than the minimal graph obtained using ACO, and the performance of the algorithm is shown. We give an example of application in optimization for onshore wind farm Cable. The possibility of using different sectional area’s cable is also considered in this paper.

Author Biography

Hassane Bouzahir, Laboratory of Engineering Systems and Information Technologies, ENSA, UIZ, PO Box 1136, Agadir, Morocco

Full Prof. Dr. Hassane Bouzahir is a Faculty member with National School of Applied Sciences at Ibn Zohr University in Agadir, Morocco. He is the Head of the Department of Computer Science and Head of a Research Laboratory about Systems Engineering and IT.

Hassane obtained his Ph D in Applied Mathematics and his Masters in Dynamical Systems from a well internationally ranked university in Marrakech-Morocco, respectively in 1997 and 2001.

His publications include 1 research book, 1 book chapter, 19 entries in the Mathematics databases MathScinet and/or Zentralblatt MATH, many other articles on Analysis, Control, Modeling and Simulation in Divers Problems in Energy, some others in Information Technology Journals and the IEEE Digital Library, a co-authored book proceeding of an IEEE International Conference and more than 25 refereed articles in proceedings of conferences. His vita lists also more than 40 talks worldwide.

In addition, 3 students got their Ph D with Hassane, respectively, in 2009, 2011 and 2017. Other Ph D projects are ongoing.

Hassane’s teaching experience was developed worldwide on interaction of Mathematics with Engineering and Applied Sciences. He has a rich cosmopolitan work experience in Morocco, France, UAE, Malaysia, Japan...