An Efficient and Authentication Signcryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves


  • Manoj Kumar Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Haridwar (Uttrakhand), 249404, India
  • Pratik Gupta School of Basic Science, Jaipur National University, Jaipur 302017, India



Signcryption schemes are compact and specially suited for efficiency-critical applications such as smart card dependent systems. Several researchers have performed a large number of significant applications of signcryption such as authenticated key recovery and key establishment in one mall data packet, secure ATM networks as well as light weight electronic transaction protocols and multi-casting over the internet. In this paper we have proposed an efficient and efficient scheme of signcryption symmetric key solutions, using elliptic curves by reducing senders computational cost. It needs two elliptic curve point multiplication for sender and comparative study of computational cost for sender and recipient as well as there is no any inverse computation for sender and recipient. This makes it more crucial than others.




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Kumar, M., & Gupta, P. (2019). An Efficient and Authentication Signcryption Scheme Based on Elliptic Curves. MATEMATIKA, 35(1), 1–11.