New Approaches in Frequency Table Construction for Continuous Symmetrical Data


  • Mohammed Bappah Mohammed Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Federal University of Kashere 0182 Gombe State, Nigeria.
  • Mohammad Jamiluddin Subhi Department of Science and Biotechnology, Universiti Selangor Batang Berjuntai 45600, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Asyraf Abdul Wafi Jamsari Department of Mathematics, Universiti Putra Malaysia 43400, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.


In computing statistical measures from a frequency table, the midpoint represents the observations in each class. The assumption that the observations are distributed uniformly and concentrated around the midpoint is not always valid. In this article, two new methods of constructing a frequency table, using the mean and median of the classes, are compared with the existing method, which uses the midpoint. The simulation study using symmetrical positive data shows that the method which used the classes’ mean performed well compared with the other methods. Freedman and Diaconis (FD) rule is the recommended rule when choosing the number of classes.




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Mohammed, M. B., Subhi, M. J. ., & Jamsari , . A. A. W. (2022). New Approaches in Frequency Table Construction for Continuous Symmetrical Data. MATEMATIKA: Malaysian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 38(3), 181–193. Retrieved from