Forced Convective of Micropolar Fluid on a Stretching Surface of Another Quiescent Fluid


  • Nurazleen Abdul Majid International Islamic Univerisity Malaysia
  • Nurul Farahain Mohammad International Islamic University Malaysia
  • Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  • Sharidan Shafie Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia



In this paper, the problem of forced convection flow of micropolar fluid of lighter density impinging orthogonally on another heavier density of micropolar fluid on a stretching surface is investigated. The boundary layer governing equations are transformed from partial differential equations into a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations using similarity transformation and solved numerically using dsolve function in Maple software version 2016. The velocity, microrotation and temperature of micropolar fluid are analyzed. It is found that both upper fluid and lower fluid display opposite behaviour when micropolar parameter K various with strong concentration n = 0, Pr = 7 and stretching parameter lambda = 0.5. The results also show that stretching surface exert the force that increasing the velocity of micropolar fluid.

Author Biographies

Nurazleen Abdul Majid, International Islamic Univerisity Malaysia

Department of Computational & Theoretical Sciences

Nurul Farahain Mohammad, International Islamic University Malaysia

Department of Computational & Theoretical Sciences

Abdul Rahman Mohd Kasim, Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Faculty of Insdutrial Sciences & Technology

Sharidan Shafie, Univerisiti Teknologi Malaysia

Department of Mathematical Sciences