Volume 34 (December 2018) - Special Issue



This special issue of MATEMATIKA: Malaysian Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics 2018, publishes seventeen selected papers which were being carefully reviewed. These papers were originally presented at the International Seminar on Mathematics in Industry & International Conference on Theoretical and Applied Statistics 2018 (ISMI-ICTAS 2018), which was held at UTM Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Sept 4 until Sept 6, 2018. This issue covers a range of industrial mathematics and statistics with their applications in various industries which include Health, Biotechnology, Finance & Economics, Oil & Gas Refinery, Logistics, Hydrology, Environment and Insurance.

We are very grateful to all authors for their contributions and all referees for their excellent efforts in reviewing the contributed papers.

Guest Editors: Zainal Abdul Aziz and Arifah Bahar

Published: 31-12-2018